We source high quality investment opportunities for our members

We offer members the opportunity to be a first investor in fascinating technology companies with high growth potential.

We have more than 40 members - all highly motivated entrepreneurs and investors - sharing a front row seat to Australia's startup ecosystem.

Whether you're an experienced investor, or just starting your journey towards angel investing, we are here to help.

Why join Southern Angels...



Quality deal flow

<aside> 🚀 In 2020, Southern Angels assessed 70 applications, brought 17 to pitch and members invested in 4 startups. We do this work so you don't have to.


Monthly pitch meetings

<aside> 👩‍đŸĢ Members typically see two startups pitch each month. Events are hosted at top-tier firms in Adelaide and are followed by networking drinks with fellow members.


High growth potential

<aside> 📈 Angel investing is high risk and should only represent a small portion of an investor's portfolio. However the growth potential of the startups can be significant and produce 10x+ returns.


Shared wisdom

<aside> đŸĻ‰ Members share their experience and sector expertise so together we grow strong and diversified early-stage investment portfolios.


National network

<aside> đŸ‡ĻđŸ‡ē Southern Angels has over 50 collaboration partner angel groups, VCs and private investors that we share deal flow and co-invest with to sufficiently fund startups.


Support South Australia

<aside> <img src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/secure.notion-static.com/b497b445-de9b-419b-94fb-642f6f1e4ed5/SA_magpie.png" alt="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/secure.notion-static.com/b497b445-de9b-419b-94fb-642f6f1e4ed5/SA_magpie.png" width="40px" /> Members invest seeking significant returns, but they also want to support the growth of jobs for the next generation and in doing so strengthen the South Australian economy.


Investing together

<aside> 🐝 Each member is building their own portfolio of startup investments. They work collaboratively to share due diligence and the capital risk of early stage investing.


Angel education

<aside> 🎓 First-hand exposure to assessing early stage startups and exclusive invitations to networks and education. Our events always feature Q&A with experienced angel investors.


Trusted professionals

<aside> 👔 Southern Angels is a not-for-profit overseen by a board of directors with a strong focus on compliance, diversity and the fair treatment of founders.


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Do you qualify?

Members of Southern Angels have to be "Sophisticated Investors" as classified by the Corporations Act section 708(10). At the time of writing, that means that you:

What we're all about




Tax Incentives for Innovation

<aside> 👨🏾‍đŸĢ Many of the startups we consider are qualified Early Stage Innovation Companies (ESIC). Under the Tax Laws Amendment (Tax Incentives for Innovation) Bill 2016, concessional tax treatments will be made available for investors who invest in qualifying ESIC. The tax incentives will provide eligible investors with: a 20% non-refundable carry-forward tax offset on investments in qualifying ESICs, capped at $200,000 per investor, per year, and; a 10 year capital gains tax exemption for investments held as shares in an ESIC for at least 12 months, provided that the shares held do not constitute more than a 30% interest in the ESIC.



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