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Please familiarise yourself with this page so you understand our process and what investors are looking for. As you can imagine our investors hear a lot of pitches and aren't inclined to assess the same team twice, so let's make your first impression strong.



What we're looking for...

High growth

<aside> 📈 We invest in companies that offer exceptional opportunities for return on investment. Your company might be great, but to return 10x times invested capital in 5-8 years, it needs to be exceptional. A great company might make you wealthy, but it often isn't enough to make others wealthy too.


Strong founding team

<aside> 🧠 Angels invest when your business is young, so we put a lot of emphasis on the founding team's expertise and ability to execute. You need to demonstrate that you are strong on your numbers, good at attracting talent and focused on customer growth. If you are not 100% dedicated to your startup, it is hard for an investor to be.


Product maturity

<aside> ⚙ Investors are looking for startups with sales in market, or in the case of med/biotech clear progress through research towards commercialisation. Pre-revenue is OK, as long as you have an established team and a customer growth strategy.



<aside> 🏃‍♀ī¸ You have a well-rehearsed pitch with accompanying slides. You know how you will be spending the money to achieve your goals, and you have already worked with your lawyer on the investment terms and shareholder agreement. This is investment-ready.



<aside> 👌 The typical pre-money valuation of the startups we see is $1-6 million. Members often consider valuation to be less important than potential return. So your valuation might be higher, but we would expect your product to be far more mature if that's the case.


The market wants your product

<aside> 🤑 Your technology should be developed in response to an identified market need. It is solving a significant problem. As result, you can demonstrate customer demand for your product. Eg, a market sentiment survey is not enough. Investors want to see customers and before investing will often speak to them as part of due diligence.


Competitive advantage

<aside> 🏅 We need to understand your competitors and your sustainable competitive advantage. What is your IP protection strategy and economic moat to protect your long-term profits and market share? Investors need to have faith in the potential of the product to scale and beat the competition.


What else?

<aside> 🤩 This is not a comprehensive list. Investing in nascent companies is an art, not a science. What is your unfair winning advantage?


Our Process

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Cheque size

<aside> đŸ’ĩ Our average contribution to startups is $120,000 - ranging from $25,000 (1 investor) to $680,000 (7 investors). We have led rounds, but we also contribute to rounds led by other investors, VCs or angel groups.



<aside> 💁 We do our best to provide support and connections for the startups we meet. We have referred several startups to better-aligned investors, customers, accelerators and advisers.


Sector focus

<aside> đŸĻ‰ The group is sector agnostic but has a high concentration of members with experience in biotech, medtech, software, B2B, engineering and allied health. As membership grows, so too does are domain expertise.


The members

<aside> 🐝 Our members are from a variety of backgrounds with each pitch meeting typically attended by approx 20 investors. We don't allow spectators, so you know the people in the room are capable of writing a cheque.



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